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Construction of the multi-highway link on the Tirreno-Brennero highway, junction with the Autostrada della Cisa A15 highway-Autostrada del Brennero A22 Fontevivo (Parma) – Nogarole Rocca (Verona).

Executive design and realization of the 1st section of the new highway between the A15 Autostrada della Cisa at Fontevivo (Parma) and the Trecasali-Terre Verdiane service station at Trecasali (Parma), a total length of 9,500 km. of which 2,350 km. consisting in the re-sectioning of the existing A15 Auostrada della Cisa, including the Trecasali-Terre Verdiane exit, the connection link with the A1 Autostrada del Sole and ordinary local accessory traffic works relating to the new highway.

This new highway section is characterized by the following major works :

  • viaduct on the Taro river approximately 1+930 km. length ;
  • artificial underpass tunnel on the A1 highway and high speed rail line 0+450 km. length.