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The stretch of the new Milan East External Bypass (TEEM) extends for a distance of about 40 km from Melegnano (intersection with the A1 Milan-Bologna highway) and Agrate (intersection with the A4 Milan-Venice highway). The work is intended to lighten the load of traffic on both the existing eastern bypass and on the Cerca provincial road (Melegnano, Melzo, Gorgonzola and Agrate) and the local connecting roads.

This infrastructure is intended to be an essential work for decongesting the traffic in the eastern quadrant of Milan, which is one of the most traffic heavy in Europe. Opening to the public is expected by the end of 2014. Technical features of the work: covers a distance of 32 km, with a width of 3 lanes plus emergency hard shoulder in each direction, 3 intersections with other highways, 6 exits and toll booths, 1.2 km of artificial tunnels, 7.3 km of cuttings and 1.9 km of viaducts.