Business area






Construction of the entrance structure of the Parma Fair Authority which extends over 6,000 m2, supply of all prefabricated structures and delivery of the “turnkey” work, including the systems. On the right side of this path there is another building with two levels connected by a staircase and an elevator shaft.

This wing houses a service center on the ground floor and a restaurant on the first floor with movable wings to ensure flexibility, a terrace and a space to be used for offices and services. Three new exhibition pavilions were subsequently rebuilt.

Pavilions 1 and 2, connected to each other for reasons of flexibility required by the various events, cover an area of approximately 30,600 m2. Pavilion 3 is smaller in size and extends for approximately 17,150 m2. A photovoltaic system with a power of approximately 5 MWp was built on the roofs of the pavilions.