Business area






The Eurotorri shopping center is part of the urban fabric of the northern outskirts of Parma, covering a total area of over 30,000 m2.

The need to reduce construction times imposed the use of the greatest number of prefabricated elements, while the architectural complexity of the project required the analysis of numerous problems whose solution often led to overcoming the rigorous standardization typical of the industry of prefabrication. The efforts made have resulted in a building with exceptional aesthetic and functional qualities.

The external infill, 25 cm thick and horizontal in structure, acquires aesthetic value thanks to the alternation of areas with a metal formwork bottom finish embellished with false horizontal joints and areas covered with exposed bricks. For the production rubber matrices glued onto metal plates fixed to the bottom of the formwork were used. The bricks were positioned on the matrix before the panels were cast, this technology allows us to obtain a pre-finished product with great aesthetic qualities at a low cost.

All the load-bearing structures of the complex have fire resistance R 120′. The main body with a rectangular plan has a flat roof and has a square mesh with a side of 16m. The width of the structural grid and the high loads on the roof led to the use of beams with coupled inverted T sections. Where there is no load distribution platform, special metal inserts have been inserted to prevent it from overturning. The first floor of the south side of the main body houses part of the offices in the complex.