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The creation of the production-management hub for Dulevo International S.p.A. was born from the need to bring together in a single, modern and functional centre, all the company’s production and administrative activities previously located in different sites.

Dulevo International S.p.A., which with its presence in over 60 countries around the world ranks at the top of the cleaning machine production sector, has chosen Prefabbricati Pizzarotti for the implementation of the intervention according to the “turnkey” formula, thus associating a building of the highest quality to its prestigious brand. The customer’s need to use a competent, reliable and complete company is thus satisfied, capable of providing a 360° service which, starting from the design of the building, passing through the construction of earthworks and foundations, arrives at delivery of a high quality finished complex.

The project is made up of five buildings with different uses and is located in an area of over 200,000 m2:

• production and warehouse building, with a surface area of 16,500 m2, built with a Pitti wing roof, characterized by great brightness, lightness, flexibility of use and large structural meshes. The roof allows large quantities of rainwater to be disposed of entirely outside the building through large gutter beams with “H” sections;

• management and administrative office building of 2,000 m2, built with a multi-storey structure;

• service building where the employee canteen and the caretaker’s apartment are located with a total surface area of 1,100 m2;

• technological research, innovation and development building, in which the patents are created, which covers a surface area of 550 m2;

• 30m2 concierge and reception building. Given the very high visibility position of the production center which is located adjacent to the Autostrada del Sole, great attention was paid to architectural details. The façades of the main building are characterized by different colored panels.