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The route of the road Catania-Siracusa with motorway characteristics, between the localities Passo Martino, along the axis of the services of the city of Catania and the 130+400 km of the SS114, develops for about 25 km, of which about six in a natural double-barrel tunnel, four in viaduct (3200 m in cap; 900 m in metal scaffold), 2800 m in artificial tunnel. Also included are bridges, flyovers, manholes and subways.

The project also provides for the construction of three interchanges for the connection to the existing road network. The project, while dating back to about 15 years ago, is highly innovative on the theme of sustainability and safety, as it is equipped with a photovoltaic system on the ground with a total power of 13,2 MW is connected to the medium voltage grid located above the artificial tunnels of the motorway.