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Executive design and construction of the works of the Caltanissetta Xirbi – Lercara functional section, an integral part of the new Palermo – Catania – Messina railway connection.

The interventions consist of the construction of 47 kilometers of new route as a variant of the current line, with approximately 10 kilometers of viaducts and 8 natural tunnels for a total of 21 kilometres. The project also includes the new Vallelunga station and the movement stations of Marcatobianco, Marianopoli and San Cataldo.

At the end of the works along the entire Palermo – Catania axis it will be possible to go from Palermo to Catania in less than two hours. However, progressive reductions in travel times are expected before that date, thanks to the phased activation of the new sections of the line. Furthermore, the planned interventions will guarantee the speeding up of connections and increase the standards of regularity and punctuality of trains. The realization of the entire Palermo-Catania-Messina project will finally allow us to improve the interconnections between the internal areas of Sicily and the three cities.