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Construction of the Bucharest-Brasov highway, Bucharest-Ploiesti sector. The Bucharest-Brasov highway is part of a strategy to improve the National highway program and is part of a general redevelopment program for the national territory.

The work consists in the construction of a single section of the Bucharest-Brasov highway, in particular from pk 0+000 to pk 19+500, which directly connects Bucharest with the extra-urban area, while the entire section connects the Northern urban area of Bucharest with the municipality of Brasov, thus facilitating both internal and international commercial and civil transport.

The work consists of a highway embankment approximately 1.50-2.00 m high from the ground level, variable depending on the route and the planned works of art, there are three traffic lanes plus an emergency lane in each direction of travel; the width of the highway platform is approximately 35 m. The contract includes the construction of seven viaducts and five overpasses with the related connecting links, three yards for rest areas and secondary roads. Also included in the contract are all the finishes (guard rails, noise barriers, etc.), the works for the treatment of rainwater, as well as the lighting systems for the urban area and for the main junctions.