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The construction of the new Bormioli factory was born from the need to have a large warehouse/logistics depot located in a strategic place a few kilometers from the center of Parma, on the Via Emilia, and even less from the A1 Milan-Rome-Naples highway axis ( Fidenza toll booth). It covers an area of over 31,000 m2, the majority of which has been prepared for the installation of photovoltaic panels. It is a prefabricated structure with “turnkey” supply, i.e. a complete service that goes from pre-design consultancy to the closure of the construction site including external fitting-out works, excluding in this case the systems. The roof is made up of a Pitti 72 structure and straight sandwich panels with 130 cm high shed windows which have the dual function of allowing indirect lighting of the rooms below and of forming the load-bearing structure of the photovoltaic panels above.