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Design and construction of the Al Amiri hospital expansion project in Kuwait.

The expansion will be carried out within the Al Amiri existing hospital complex in the Sharq area of Kuwait City. The surface area is approximately 13.710 sq.m. The gross surface area, with a total capacity of 416 bed accomodation, will be approximately 101.000 sq.m.

The work contract comprises the design and construction, supply of medical equipment and hospital furnishings for the new hospital and refurbishment of the existing areas; in addition to ordinary maintenance. The new hospital will be connected to the existing one by means of a tunnel and a suspended footbridge.

The new hospital has 3 underground floors (surface of approx. 13.400 sq.m.) and 13 upper floors (surface of 8.500 sq.m. from ground floor to 6th floor and 6.000 sq.m. from 7th floor to 12th floor). Parking areas are foreseen both for underground floors and and upper floors for a total of 640 parking spaces.