18 July 2023

Pizzarotti wins two important awards in Verona and Lombardy

In both awards by RFI, Impresa Pizzarotti is at the leader of the two groups.

The first concerns the Codogno-Cremona-Mantua doubling of the section from Piadena to Mantua, entrusted by RFI to the group of companies made up of Impresa Pizzarotti & C, Saipem, Icm and Salcef with a value of over 470 million euros, also financed with PNRR funds. The second concerns the works for the executive design and construction of the Verona Junction – western entrance, an integral part of the new Brescia-Verona-Padua high-speed/high-capacity line. The group of companies formed by Impresa Pizzarotti, Saipem and Salcef won the tender for a value of 253 million euros.

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