21 December 2023

Peru, La Joya Bridge: work progresses and assembly operations reach 50%

The La Joya Bridge, the construction of which involved engineering never before seen in the South American country, is located just a few kilometers from Arequipa, Peru’s second-largest City, and is the crucial completion of the highway linking the cities of Arequipa and La Joya.

The launching of the deck, one of the most important phases of the bridge construction, is nearing completion, and we will be able to see its actual finalization probably by the end of the year, while all the activities leading to the delivery of the work have been scheduled for 2024.

The La Joya Bridge will consist of a steel arch structure and will have a total length of 371m of which 175m relates to the arch extension. The roadbed will consist of 4 travel lanes on which an estimated 2,500 vehicles per day will pass.

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