23 October 2023

New Ecovadis 2023 Rating: for Pizzarotti the Platinum Medal

Following the publication of the new Ecovadis rating on August 1, 2023, which already recognized us as having a high-level rating, we conducted a thorough review of the ratings made by Ecovadis analysts and then pointed out several points that had been misinterpreted if not ignored.

The pointing out and discussion with Ecovadis analysts led to a re-evaluation of the rating that enabled us to reach the important milestone of the PLATINUM Medal, the highest level of the rating, with a score of 80/100 improving by an additional 8 p.p. over 2022.

We thus rank at the 99th percentile, which is equivalent to the top 1% of companies in the industry rated by Ecovadis internationally (no company exceeds a rating of 85).

Updated history of the Impresa Pizzarotti rating: