21 February 2023

Impresa Pizzarotti receives the certificate of the purchase of “Sustainability credits” issued by Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park Authority

Recognition that represents tangible evidence of the company’s commitment and orientation to Corporate Social Responsibility.

On Friday, Feb. 17, Impresa Pizzarotti was one of the first 12 companies in Italy to receive the certificate of purchase of “Sustainability Credits” issued by the Ente Parco Appennino Tosco Emiliano, the coordinating entity of the Tosco-Emiliano Apennine MAB Reserve of the same name, to date the largest in the country and covering 80 municipalities in the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Lucca, Massa Carrara and La Spezia. The Park Authority is the first entity in Italy to have devised a system of remuneration for ecosystem services generated by forests.

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