06 October 2022

Genoa, new viaduct Pioneers and Aviators of Italy

With the final positioning of the deck, the last of the complex launching phases of the new viaduct passing over Via Siffredi, between the Cornigliano and Sestri Ponente districts of the city of Genoa, was completed last week. In the coming months, the new viaduct will be opened to the transit of trucks, without weight limits, heading to the port.

The deck, 75 meters long and weighing 430 tons, took shape at the construction site adjacent to Siffredi Street and starting from there was launched in a complex operation of lifting, rototranslation and final placement in place.

It required the commitment of more than 200 professionals including engineers, technicians and highly specialized workers and involved more than 5 companies coordinated by the contractor Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A.

The work is part of the complex of interventions underway to redesign the road system for access to the terminals of the port of Sampierdarena by putting them in a simplified and direct connection with the highway system, from east to west, through the Genova Ovest and Genova Aeroporto toll booths.

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