23 May 2024

AV/ AC Brescia Est-Verona: Excavation of the natural gallery Colle Baccotto completed

Yesterday morning, in the yard of Peschiera del Garda, in the province of Verona, the diaphragm of the Colle Baccotto tunnel was successfully demolished and the excavation of one of the natural tunnels of the new High Speed/High Capacity Brescia Est – Verona railway line was completed.

The realization of the stretch re-enters between the works financed from the PNRR and represents one of the dowels of the Mediterranean Core Corridor that will connect the ports of the south of the Iberian peninsula with Eastern Europe, passing for the south of France, northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

The work of the Cepavdue Consortium, formed by Saipem, Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. and ICM Group, commissioned by RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana with the high supervision and supervision of the works by Italferr S.p.A., companies both belonging to the Polo Infrastrutture of the FS Italiane Group.

With the reduction of the diaphragm, the excavation of the natural tunnel Colle Baccotto of the length of about 240 meters is completed. The tunnel, composed of a single double-track barrel, was built with an underground excavation using the traditional method, proceeding from the entrance on the Verona side towards Brescia.

The works, started in 2022, have preserved and safeguarded the stretches of the area above which are located the Villa De Peverelli Della Cella, former fort Baccotto, and its park, goods of particular artistic and historical interest that are among the Venetian villas subject to environmental protection.

The completion works will continue in the coming months with the construction of the final coating of the natural tunnel, the artificial tunnels on the east and west sides and will end with the laying of the railway and the technological installation.