In support of the company’s mission to promote increasingly high standards, Impresa Pizzarotti has implemented the new communication platform Whistleblowing IntegrityLog.
The new internal reporting channel will allow all stakeholders (employees, collaborators, freelancers and consultants, anyone operating within the corporate business and companies, branches and consortia of which the Company is part), to report - also anonymously - any non-compliance and/or violations, as well as facts, situations or events from which the commission, or the reasonable conviction of commission, of crimes and/or wrongs are deduced.


The subject of the report may be violations of national regulations or company regulations, the Code of Ethics and anti-corruption guidelines, which have become known in the context of their work (e.g. administrative, accounting, civil or criminal offences; unlawful conduct for purposes D.lgs231/01; conduct that represents a risk of harm to colleagues; acts of corruption, etc.),affecting interest, the integrity of the Undertaking or which are important for the protection of the common good.

Whistleblowing Decree safeguards do not apply to reports concerning claims or requests relating to a personal interest, which pertain exclusively to their employment relationship or to relationships with hierarchically superior figures.

Disciplinary measures are foreseen against anyone who violates the provisions of the Whistleblowing Decree, with particular reference to the conduct of those who commit fraud or gross negligence reports that turn out to be false. (ref. Sanction system provided under Model D.Lgs231/01).

The whistleblowing IntegrityLog communication platform is added to the already active reporting channels, summarised below:

  • whistleblowerpizzarotti@gmail.com
  • PO Box No. 194 - post office "Parma Centro" via Pisacane 1 43121 Parma
  • Verbal communication with the Supervisory Body.


    VBy valuing the good faith of the signaller at the time of reporting, it is expected that this will benefit from safeguards only if, at the time of reporting, he had good reason to believe that the information reported was true.
    All alerts will be treated confidentially directly by the Supervisory Body, which will not be able to reveal the identity of the signaller to persons other than those competent to receive or follow up the alerts.


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