Project Name

Construction of the Oudayas Tunnel

Project Type

Road infrastructure


Rabat - Morocco


Royaume du Maroc - Agence pour l'Aménagement de la Vallée du Bouregreg

Construction Period


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Morocco - Oudayas Tunnel Morocco - Oudayas Tunnel

Morocco - Oudayas Tunnel

The work consists of the construction of the twin tunnels of Oudayas, in an urban setting, consisting of two entry ramps of 518 m, two artificial tunnels totalling 125 m, a natural tunnel of 310 m and two slip roads connecting to the existing route. The work also involves the final electromechanical equipment. One unusual aspect of the project is the carrying out of certain works (an artificial tunnel and a portal) immediately underneath a group of historical buildings. This project is part of the development project for the Bouregreg – Rabat valley.