Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector of the Pizzarotti Group is a well-established and concrete reality, with a continuous growth trend, and substantial  results which point to great prospects for the future.

The real estate sector is an optimal and synergistic  completion of the core business of the construction activity, exploiting a vast experience  on a professional  level  as well as a renowned reputation on a national and international scale by gaining important works and contracts.

This sector’s aim is to develop its own enterprises in order to offer an advanced  product both in design and in technical methods.

Today, after a twenty year experience, the sector has an efficient professional organization, which can operate in all areas of the real estate market.

Baie Marquet is a perfect example, a residential complex in Cote d’Azur (France), and the prestigious complex named Parma Santa Teresa which is still under construction in the historical town centre of Parma.