Monte delle Vigne was founded in 1983 and is a very acclaimed and prestigious wine cellar in Ozzano Taro, in the heart of the D.O.C. (controlled and guaranteed origin) zone of the Parma hillside.

The company came into being through  the passion of the owner for the land and due to continuous quality research, and now has 60 hectares of vineyard with an excellent exposition, all organic quality, and producing  sparkling and still wines aimed mainly towards the Italian and International restaurant market, and all wines which have obtained excellent assessments from the Italian wine guides.

The new underground cellar, with gravitational grape press, was designed and constructed in 2006 and is a perfect example of architectural value and productive functionality .  The cellar is in the centre of the estate, perfectly integrated within the splendid scenery of the region.

A unique setting, with a long history of vines, wines and great viticulturists, an exposition range from east to west, which allows an homogeneous ripeness of both white and red grapes.  A valley where taste and natural wonders meet and give high quality wines,  result of a tight bond between man and territory.


Monte delle Vigne S.r.l.

Via Monticello, 22
Frazione Ozzano Taro (Pr) - 43044 Collecchio (PR) - Italy
 +39 0521 309704 
Fax: +39 0521 309727