Aliparma was founded in 1986 and has been operating  in the aircraft industry for more than 20 years thanks to a specialized team of professionals selected to create an excellent “customer satisfaction” work relation.
The company was originally involved in European flights for a group of company owners, but in 1992 Aliparma expanded  into the executive business market by obtaining aircraft transport license. 
In 2004 Aliparma successfully obtained the JAR certification which aligns the company’s structure and personnel to the strict compulsory European standards for all carriers, and becoming aircraft operator JAR standard OPS1.

Aliparma is a Mipien controlled company, a holding of the Pizzarotti Group.


Aliparma S.r.l.

Via Anna Maria Adorni, 1 - 43121 Parma, Italy
Phone: +39 0521 202313 
Fax: +39 0521 207461 
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