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Pizzarotti, as part of the tender procedures announced by the INVITALIA purchasing body, was awarded several contracts to be carried out in the main Italian cities. The territories affected include, among others, the cities of Milan, Genoa and Bologna.

The interventions will mainly concern integrated contracts for the construction and redevelopment of hospitals, community homes and school buildings with the aim of improving the accessibility and quality of the healthcare services offered. Furthermore, eco-sustainable refunctionalization interventions of existing buildings will be carried out, with particular attention to energy efficiency and the use of ecological materials. Finally, interventions relating to urban mobility will be carried out, promoting sustainable transport solutions and improvements to the road infrastructure.

The planned works represent an important step forward in the transformation and development of the communities involved, bringing tangible benefits such as better access to health services and the reduction of the environmental impact of public buildings. For a total value of approximately 80 million euros.