Business area






The expansion, within the Cavagnari Business Centre, is made up of 3 areas with three types of intervention: the new construction of the ECO – B, ECO-C and Forum office buildings; the renovation of building “H2”, the concierge, and building “E”, the auditorium; the adaptation of the front of via La Spezia and the construction of the car park along via G. Rossi. “Minimal, simple and green” is the energy strategy of Green Life, the new headquarters of Crédit Agricole in Parma, Cavagnari area.

The complex, characterized by 12 thousand square meters of buildings and over 70 thousand square meters of parkland, had to contain innovative technologies for the benefit of the environment and workers. The two buildings that house the offices have a compact shape to reduce heat loss and a linear plan to optimize the spaces. According to the principles of bioclimatic design, the main facades of the volumes are arranged to the south and north.