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Construction of the tramway system of the city of Constantine – stretching for 9 km from the terminal of Zouaghi to the station of Ben Abdelmalek.

The line runs from the city’s old-town alongside the main historical Mosque, passes over the slope of the Oued Rhumel, and proceeds through the university area, ending in the modern part of the city.

The works include 11 stations, three of which are multinodal (tram-bus-taxi), two viaducts stretching 465 and 114 metres, an underpass for urban traffic (with an open cutting at 70 metres at the Abdelkader Mosque), 12 supporting walls having an overall length of 1,885 metres, a ground level depot (65,000 sq. m.) that guarantees the maintenance and parking of 27+20 trains. The works include the renovation of the stadium, the demolition of the existing stand in order to allow for the passing of the line and the building of the four stands.