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Impresa Pizzarotti, in joint venture with another company and with a 50% share, will realize the third lane of the A4 highway in the stretch from Alvisopoli (VE) to Gonars (UD).

It is a strategic project for Northern Italy that extends for a distance of about 25 km, involving the territory of Veneto Region for the first 4 km, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region for the rest of the km. The intervention includes the demolition of all overpasses, bridges, underpasses and hydraulic huts and subsequent rebuilding of all works.

The main artwork is the Viaduct on the River Tagliamento, where the current crossing of the river by the A4 highway represents a critical point along the entire highway development since there is no emergency lane. The project involves the demolition of the existing highway viaduct and the construction of a new Viaduct to the north of the current site 1.5 km long and 20.30 m wide for each direction. The bridge over the river Stella and the bridge over the canal Cormor represent other important works of rebuild along the route.