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The construction of the A0 North section 1 highway, better known as the “Bucharest Center”, is a fundamental work for the mobility of the capital, which will allow traffic to be fluidized with consequent benefits in terms of socio-environmental impacts. The route will be 17.5 km long and 10 structures are planned, of which: 2 passages of high technical complexity, with a length of 733 meters (passage on the ring road highway on CF101 Bucharest – Pitesti DN7) and 650 meters (passage on the Ring road highway on the Colentina river, CF 300 Bucharest – Ploiesti and CF Mogosoaia – Buftea). The importance of this project derives from the need to achieve adequate continuity, in terms of rank and importance, along the Pan-European Corridor IV, more precisely between the A1 Bucharest – Pitesti highway and the A2 Bucharest – Constanta highway, but also along the Pan-European Corridor IX and the achievement of an adequate connection between the Pan-European Corridor IV and the Pan-European Corridor IX.