07 February 2024

Pizzarotti alongside the InspirinGirls project to break stereotypes that still shape the future of so many girls

To create awareness of one’s talents and ambitions, to find the courage to pursue one’s dreams without letting gender stereotypes get in the way. These are the primary goals of InspirinGirls, an international campaign promoted by Valore D that brings professional women into secondary schools to share their professional and life experiences with girls and boys, building a concrete bridge between school and the world of work.

For Impresa Pizzarotti, bringing her testimony to the Ungaretti Middle School in Venice, “Role Model” Denise Novero, Technical Site Management: “To understand what you really want to do in life, you have to look inside yourself without setting yourself any limits a priori. – recounted her colleague – In order to achieve one’s goals, it is necessary to make sacrifices, but without letting difficulties get you down, facing them head-on and with courage.”

Learning to listen to young people and have a dialogue with them starting from the school, a fertile ground for change, is the starting point for initiating real evolution.

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