12 June 2024

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. takes to the field alongside Valore D with the project “Inspirin Girls”

Investing in talent and gender equality have always been among the founding values of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a., which once again takes the field alongside Valore D with the “Inspirin Girls” project. To bring his testimony at the Secondary School “G. Ferraris” of Modena, our colleague Denise Po’, Innovation Director of Business Pizzarotti.

“Tell my experience and my professional history, not just the great works! This is what I wanted to bring to the new generations: the conviction of wanting to be the Person that I am, even before the professional and the Manager that every day deals with business issues.

It was an honor and a burden to be able to be a model to inspire and motivate young girls to make a difference, to overcome their limits, to think big about their future and realize their potential.

It is essential to be able to inspire, telling how complex it can be to work in a sector, that of construction, in which the female presence is less. But it is equally fundamental to tell how I managed to achieve myself both in my personal and professional life.

I pursued with ambition my dreams as a teenager, with strength of will and commitment I overcame gender stereotypes, until I reached and overcome my goals. Passion, Ambition and Commitment are the qualities that every teenager must cultivate in order to make a difference.”