05 July 2024

CORTINA SLIDING CENTRE: Impresa Pizzarotti for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2026

Yesterday, in Cortina, the Vice President of the Council and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, witnessed the freezing operations of the mock-up of the Sliding Centre and visited the construction site of the track by bob to check the progress of work, that are proceeding as scheduled.

They welcomed the minister: Paolo Pizzarotti, Riccardo Garrè and Francesco Aguglia, respectively President, CEO and General Manager Domestic Operations of Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a.

Also present: Alessandro Morelli , State Secretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Fabio Massimo Saldini, Government Commissioner and CEO of Infrastructures Milano Cortina 2026 S.p.A. (SIMICO); Veronica Vecchi, President of SIMICO and numerous institutional authorities, technicians and engineers of SIMICO, Pizzarotti Company and ITS.

Paolo Pizzarotti: “We are satisfied with how the work is progressing, I would like to thank our people and those of the other companies for the commitment they are making. There is a great team work that we are sure will allow us to complete the work in the agreed times”.

The Minister’s visit was also attended by the representatives of the IOC, International Federations and Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026.

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