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Mezzi storici in opera

Interior garden at the head office in Parma.

Chiesetta della Cisa

Church of San Cristoforo (Parma) annexed to the convent of the same name. Decorations of the side walls.


Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A. has a history stretching back 100 years. It was founded in 1910 by Gino Pizzarotti as a sole trader, since when it has undergone process of evolution that has never stopped. Converted in 1945 into a limited liability company by Pietro Pizzarotti, father of the current Chairman, Cavaliere del Lavoro Paolo Pizzarotti, in 1961 it became a joint stock company with a share capital of 200 million euros.


It was from the end of the 1950s that the company consolidated its position in the construction sector, becoming one of the most important and skilled companies in the country; this came about through the completion of large public and infrastructure works on behalf of both state bodies and the largest private companies in Italy.


The company has always targeted ongoing development in the civil works carried out for thermo-electrical and nuclear power stations, roads and motorways, civil and military airports, irrigation and hydraulic engineering works, dykes, industrial infrastructure, railway construction, and prison construction work; the same can be said of the reconstruction work in the areas struck by the earthquake in Irpinia in 1980, where it was involved in the building of dwellings, schools and infrastructure of various kinds.


The commitment and ability to carry out major projects led to the company successfully establishing itself abroad, where it has been operating since the seventies. At that time there was the oil pipeline constructed between Hassi Messaoud and In Amenas in Algeria, as well as the port of Bandar Amenas in Iran. More recent constructions include the Euro Disney theme park in Chessy near Paris, the hydroelectric power station at Luzon in the Philippines, the new interchange between the High Speed Railway Station and the Regional Metropolitan Railway Network at Charles de Gaulle Airport, the shaft on the Gotthard railway line together with the station at Sedrun and a number of kilometres of railway line, to mention just a few.


The Pizzarotti Group, which has always retained its head office in Parma, today consists of a number of companies operating in total synergy in the infrastructure, energy and environment, hydraulic engineering, civil and military airport, building and construction sectors.