Project Name

Ras Ejdyer-Emsaad Motorway (Libya)

Project Type

Structural works




REEEMP Ras Ejder-Emssad Expressway Project Management Committee - Libia

Construction Period

2013 - under construction

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Libya - Ras Ejdyer-Emsaad Motorway

Libya - Ras Ejdyer-Emsaad Motorway

Construction of a motorway which stretches  to approximately 400 km. from Al Marj to Emsaad near the Egyptian border.
The project involves a 2 lane carriageway in both directions, each  3.75 mt. wide and several important structures including 12 bridges (2,2 km.), 8 service stations and 6 parking areas.
This segment is the first lot of the entire project of the new Ras Ejder-Emssad motorway which crosses Libyan territory for 1700 km. from the Tunisia border to the Egyptian border.
The construction of this project is an integral part of the agreement signed between the Italian and Libyan governments in Benghazi, undersigning the friendship and cooperation treaty dated 30th August 2008.