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Sedrun Svizzera

Luzon, Philippines. Operations for the installation of the generator in the underground power plant.


Our Mission is to anticipate and satisfy all the demands of our clients, thanks to our ability to interact in a transparent and effective way with financial bodies, institutions, local communities and employees, on the basis of our experience, reliability and capacity for innovation. For us our clients are our partners with whom we work to achieve common objectives together. We pride ourselves on being able to offer them a century of expertise built on our reliability and our commitment.


We put particular emphasis on the development of our human resources, to whom we devote time and personalised training programmes with the aim of improving know-how and expertise, in order to be able to enhance customer satisfaction and to start up new projects and areas of business.


We have always paid great attention to quality, as a result of which we obtained our first certification on 25 January 1996. Quality is the bond that unites the company’s various business sectors together with strong relations with national and international financial institutions, enabling us to carry out projects within the sector which are at the leading edge, from both a technological and financial point of view.


With the advent of the internet we have committed resources to the development of new technologies, with the desire to provide ever more innovative solutions, in order to increase our value in the market, and thanks to experimentation with management systems and tools integrated by means of our network, we have thus been able to optimise the relationships between all of the company departments: from production systems to procurement.